May 12, 2020

Mastering The Negative

Mastering The Negative
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Steps to overcome the negative in your life. 1. Disgust - Getting to the point of disgust.2. Decide - Making the decision.3. Desire - Creating the desire to want it.4. Resolve - Finding the resolve to do it. Negativity will create disgust.Disgust leads you to a decision.Decision activates your desire and inspiration.Desire needs your Resolve to complete. Connect with Tim: Wilson 0:01Good day, everybody. Welcome to uncensored advice for men. My name is Josh on today's show, we're going to have one of our trusted leadership coaches. His name is Tim. And he loves the adventure of business, right? The theme of his life. And on today's show, he's going to talk about mastering the negative. Tim, welcome back, my friend.Tim Croll 0:21Oh, man, it's so great to be back. I love talking with you guys. There's so much positive energy. I love being able to work with you guys. And maybe it'll share some stories and few little points and tips and things that we can make our lives better. In today's world right now, there's a lot of fear and negativity going on. So this is you know, you and I've been working together and you've been, you know, kind of guiding me and giving me some thoughts and things to think about. Let's share that with the audience. Well, you know, what's going on in the world. And why does this message ring true today?Yeah. So, there's certain things in the world that we obviously cannot ignore, right? I mean, as you look at this, we all know that COVID is happening. It's kind of irrelevant thing at this exact moment. In fact, it's dominating our news. It's dominating our social feeds. It's dominating everywhere, right? So I don't ever want to be one of those individuals that kind of just puts my head in the sand and just totally ignores it. However, I also want to be conscientious of the fact that there are certain lessons that transcend this exact moment. There are certain things that we talked about that transcend COVID, because in a year, two years, five years, 10 years, this may not even be a topic of interest. It may be something that gets written in the history books. So as we look at the reality of where we're at, there's also this other part in my head, it's kind of like an alarm or a realization that there's always going to be something negative, that's happening, right. There's always going to be something that's going on. And, you know, I love being able to tell stories, and to be honest with you, one of one of the guys are really actually loved and appreciate because of his attitude. Steve Harvey, and I don't know I mean, he has a show. He has a talk he does. He does a lot of great things. In fact, the first time I remember very clearly, in my mind anything about Steve Harvey is when he came out. And I believe it was Miss America pageant, or maybe it was the Miss World pageant. I can't remember which one it was exactly. But he came out and said, folks, I made a mistake. And he said, I called out the wrong name for the person that won the pageant, and he owned it on national television. Now, there's all kinds of means and all kinds of things that were going on. But I was like, Wow, that is impressive for a celebrity and for somebody to come out and be able to actually say, I own my mistake, right? So I started following him kind of make a long story short, and I started listening to something. And I know exactly why he was able to do that. Because he, at a previous time, had mastered negative situations. And I had given him the strength to be able to come out onstage in front of the entire world to stand up and say, Look, I made a mistake. It's completely my fault. not blame anybody else to say This is my fault. And so one of the things that hit me when he when he was talking, and I was listening tSupport the show (