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Francesca was amazing

Thank you for bringing Francesca onto this show. Her perspective was enlightening and I learned so much from her. She’s definitely a powerhouse and such a vital resource.

Mutually Vulnerable and Real

Magic happens when people go to intimate places and share vulnerability mutually. Josh doesn’t pretend to hold up a mask of impenetrable strength, nor does judge that which he’s interested in understanding more deeply. Honored to be part of what he’s building and could not recommend this show as an example for how humanity ought to be showing up. tanto amore fratello <3 Baci xx

Authentic and Real

As a men’s coach myself, this is the kind of podcast I love to see. Authentic, real, and matter of fact - that kind of transparency is so powerful in granting other permission to be and do the same. Thank you!

Love this podcast

I listen to podcast everyday while working and stumbled upon this one. Josh does a great job asking important questions, taking notes, and engaging with his guest. Him taking notes in every podcast really shows just how dedicated he is to learning more and more every single day. You’ve gained a daily listener! Awesome stuff!

From Prison to Purpose

Josh is a kingdom builder. Uncensored Advice for Men, was my first ever podcast. It was a great experience and I had so much fun. I really enjoyed my time with Josh. His ability to ask the right questions and having a love for people made all the difference.

Open and Honest

It is great to finally listen to someone who is not afraid to open up and be fully transparent to the world, to share his struggles. The topics and guests on the show really address the struggles of men. I especially appreciate Josh not being afraid to talk about God and His role in all of this.

Great podcast

This is a great podcast because it’s real. Josh is real, and he creates an environment where guest open up. Great stuff.

Josh Wilson Has a Gift…

Josh has a G-d given gift of knowing what men need to hear and delivering it in a way that they can and WILL hear it. He is a masterful host extracting the best out of the guests he curates for the men in his audience. The truth is, Josh Wilson IS a gift.

Not afraid to talk about it!

This podcast of uncensored advice for men Is compelling, edgy and direct and is exactly What most of the men I know need to hear. Thanks for your courage and vulnerability Josh. Scott

Josh asks the questions you’re afraid to

Open and honest. Josh will ask the questions most dudes don’t want to


What I love is it is honest and real. No frills or tip-toeing just real discussions and great advice. The flow is almost like I am a fly on a wall and I get to listen in on a conversation, so everything seems so natural. LOVE IT

Raw Conversations that Men need to hear

I absolutely love listening to Josh and his guests! He always brings up guests who speak on topics that We we (men) all think about but don’t know exactly how to navigate the conversation. Highly recommend!

I absolutely love listening to Josh and his guests! He always brings up guests who speak on topics that We we (men) all think about but don’t know exactly how to navigate the conversation. Highly recommend!

What we need now!

Great podcast, I have enjoyed the episodes so far. The host asks good, real questions and the topics are difficult subjects to tackle. I recommend this for any man looking to be challenged and grow as a person.

Taking the Gloves Off

Finally, someone (Josh) and a podcast (Uncensored Advice for Men) that are willing to have the conversations that matter when it comes to men and male issues. In a culture that discourages men from even speaking up about their struggles, Josh and Uncensored Advice are willing to step into the fires of men’s issues.

Great content and Insight

Loved the episode with Jeff on leadership. Josh is a great host providing value to the audience and asking the right questions. Easily my new binge!

Great Questions, Honest Conversations

Josh delivers excellent content by drilling down to the essentials which each guest can offer. Thanks and keep it up!

Shame < Truth

Amazing episodes, esp the one on shame. I’m not a men but this is an awesome resource for men. I will share.


Men need to talk more about this stuff. So much good content. Can’t wait to listen to more.

This is a needed show right now!

Right now, as I type this - men need Hope. They need leaders. They need guidance. When the darkness starts to creep into their life they need someone guiding them back. Josh has assembled some amazing coaches and leaders who do just that. Every interview is timely and actionable and just what men need right now.