Dec. 30, 2020

Know Your Currencies

Know Your Currencies

David Taylor-KlausA serial entrepreneur, David Taylor-Klaus brings decades of experience to his current professional playground at DTK Coaching, where he’s spent a dozen years coaching successful entrepreneurs and senior executives. Through coaching, David’s clients uplevel from leadership competency to leadership mastery. The result: dramatic shifts in their performance and career trajectories and in personal fulfillment. Understanding that a powerful leader exists in each of us, David empowers his clients — both individuals and teams — to unearth and unleash their leadership potential and take an active, intentional, and dynamic role in their professional and personal lives.Over three decades, focused on senior executives and the teams they lead, David has coached or consulted with thousands of companies spanning the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.An addictive life-long learner, David holds a wide array of professional certifications: Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation, Certified Professional Co-active™ Coach (CPCC); Certified Team Performance Coach™ (one of the first); and a Certified Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) Coach. He is a 15-year member of Vistage International as well as a Vistage Speaker.Driven by a passion for growth and creativity, David’s personal and professional worlds clearly reflect a journey in pursuit of excellence, always with a great deal of humor and heart. Known for his sharp intellect and incisive ability to see and say what others do not, David balances fierce candor with genuine compassion. Recent empty-nesters, David and his wife live in the heart of Atlanta with their dogs.What is the one main key point you need to share with the audience of men today on this show? (we only have 30 minutes):One of my favorite concepts is how critical it is for men to abandon the archaic and destructive trap of using MONEY as a measure of success.The concept (advice) is “Know your Currencies”The currencies that move us are personal / individual and core to who we are: time, travel, family, community, energy, presence, spirituality, faith, freedom, impact, love, relationship, etc. everyone has a different list, a different order, a different portfolio of currencies.And is the balance across that portfolio that is the measure of one’s success.Money is NEVER one of those currencies because money isn’t actually a currency... it’s the fungible asset that one uses to fund the expression of the currencies. Money is the means, not the end. And men all to often misunderstand it as the end and miss the entire point of the game!There is ZERO emotional attachment to money. It’s abstract. It’s an agreed upon fiction. It’s not real. Money is a construct. Currencies are real. We are deeply attached to our currencies...When we shift our attention to our portfolio, the energy gets our into feeding our TRUE currencies, our success is inevitable because we are deeply connected to the outcome and the money is a natural extension of our efforts driven by that deep connection.Nobody works for the money. They work for what they can do, get, be, or have with the money.Reach out to me directly on LinkedIn and let me know you heard this episode and I’ll connect with you!

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David Taylor-Klaus, MCC

Coach, Author, Speaker, Truth-Teller

David Taylor-Klaus reintroduces successful entrepreneurs and senior executives to their families. A serial entrepreneur, David is recognized for combining candor, intelligence, and humor with masterful coaching.

As a Master Certified Coach (the highest designation from the International Coach Federation), David challenges leaders and their teams to reach their highest levels of performance in their professional and personal lives.

David and his wife Elaine (also a best-selling author and professional coach), are "up-until-COVID empty-nesters" now living in the heart of Atlanta with their two dogs and an ever-changing array of their three children. Their life is rich and full!

His best-selling book “Mindset Mondays with DTK: 52 Ways to REWIRE Your Thinking and Transform Your Life" is available on Amazon.