June 17, 2020

How Can I Screw This One Up?

How Can I Screw This One Up?

Us guys don't like asking for directions do we? How much time and money have we lost by not asking for help from others?What about all the struggles in business, relationships, money, and life that may have been avoided if we asked another guy for help?Questions are the gateway to wisdom, but you must ask in order to receive. On today's show, Kent Evans talks about the importance of asking the right questions, often from a pessimistic view as we all learn from our mistakes. Or, at least we should...Kent Evans has been married to April for 25 years, he has five sons and a daughter in law, he's the author of Wise Guys and the Executive Director of Manhood Journey. You can reach out to Kent at:  www.fatheronpurpose.orgSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/uafm)

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Kent Evans

Executive Director

Kent Evans is the Executive Director of Manhood Journey. Kent is married to April, his wife of 22 years and has five sons ranging from age 2 to 18. He’s founder of Manhood Journey and author of Wise Guys.