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Brad Blazar

Formerly the CEO of a small oil company, Brad is a highly sought after speaker on the subject of raising capital. Having raised in excess of $2 Billion dollars, today he mentors others around the world as part of a global coaching business on how to raise funds from high net worth investors to build, buy, and scale a business - or fund a special project like real estate.

Additionally, he has closed the largest mega-million dollar transactions for multiple leading real estate companies - $9M, $7.5M, $5M for SmartStop Self Storage and national operator of self storage assets in addition to $11M for USAllianz

As a real estate investor himself, he has purchased, rehabbed and renovated dozens of properties and invests as co-GP or GP in multi-family today.

As the author of two books, his first book On The Wings of Eagles - Learn to Soar in Life quickly became a top rated #1 read for entrepreneurs in addition to hosting the 2nd highest ranked podcast Beast Nation to help you cope with COVID-19

April 25, 2022

The Responsibilities of Knight with Sir Brad Blazar

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a knight? Perhaps there are some perks and what about responsibilities? Well on this episode we have a conversation with a royal knight to learn about his story and …

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