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Alex Goldau

Leadership Coach

I help entrepreneurs/executives create that sense of fulfillment we’re all looking for. I help turn that fleeting sense of happiness we’ve experienced through “achievement” into a permanent daily experience.

The work begins by breaking out of the mold they’ve been stuck in for so long. Whatever that pattern or routine looks like. Then we work together to reconnect with their joy, passion, and purpose.

Certified coach with 20 years experience in the Hospitality/Trade show industry.
Coaching has fundamentally changed who I am with my family, my wife, my friends, myself, and the strangers I meet on the street.

July 8, 2020

Bring Your Enthusiasm Back

Alex Goldau talks about cutting out the BS and enjoying the little things about your job and your life that sets your soul on fire. Alex is a coach that helps people bring the fun back into their lives by …

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