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Chris Marshall

Founder of Areii

For the last few years I have started, purchased and ran multiple different businesses in various markets with my wife. Together we have owned and operated, to varying levels of success or not so much success, a Hair Salon, Dog Boarding Facility, Martial Arts Schools, General Contracting Company, Real Estate Investment Company and a Software Investment and Development Company. Most of those we had successful exits out of and we were able to sell to new owners that are, admittedly, operating them to much higher and better level than we ever did.

After moving to Ocala we assumed we would do more of what we had done before, invest in rental properties and do some house flips. Life took us a different direction and that is when we really began investing in software companies. I took the same approach as with rental properties though so most of those are fairly passive and require little of my time.

That brings me to the latest stage in my journey. I've known for the last 5 or so years that I wanted to own a business in the Blockchain and Crypto space but could never quite figure out what it was going to be. Well as of 2022 i was able to co-found a business to help people make money through crypto mining and blockchain consultation services.

Besides my work I have an amazing wife and kid with another one on the way and i get to spend a bunch of time with them. I turn 30 this year and I've been thinking about what i will see when i look back on my life in another 30 years and i want to see that i had fun, i got to spend a bunch of time with my wife and kids, and i had great friends that i got build a community around. I'm still working on all of that stuff and only another 30 years will tell me if i succeeded.

I also am a huge nerd and not a vey traditional business man. I'm just as likely to talk to you about Dungeons and Dragons as I am how to properly figure the ROI of an apartment complex.

Dec. 28, 2022

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