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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a knight? Perhaps there are some perks and what about responsibilities? Well on this episode we have a conversation with a royal knight to learn about his story and get some advice from a knight

Brad Blazar is recognized globally as an expert wh…

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On this episode of Uncensored Advice For Men we have a conversation with Michael Cariglio to share his journey from war and destruction to a life of creativity and life.

A bit about PappyLand
Pappy Drewitt (portrayed by Michael Cariglio) is an artist and host of the series who loves to draw, He …

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Robert Blacklidge, Domi Station’s Executive Director, is an educator, mentor, speaker, and ecosystem builder. He has over half a decade of experience implementing entrepreneurial programs such as hackathons, educational programming, and others in numerous communities. Mr. Blacklidge also spends ti…

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Arguably one of the best when it comes to revenue growth for coaches and
consultants, Marquel Russell is a multimillion-dollar revenue generator,
best-selling author, Rapid Business Growth Strategist and coach who has earned
the title, “King of Client Attraction” and been called one of the greatest…

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Anna is a 9-year breast cancer survivor who resides in a suburb of Chicago with her two children.  Because of the side effects of cancer treatment, she developed a form of sexual dysfunction.  She is the founder of a unique dating app that takes sexual expectations out of dating.  She created Entwi…

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Why Manhood Journey?

If you’re like most dads, you walk around feeling like a failure as a husband and father. You don’t have to. At Manhood Journey, we believe you can turn it around and live as a more confident, godly dad who leads his family without regrets. We think you can:

You become a more…

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Chris Koch uses his dis-arming personality and incredible sense of humor to connect and motivate people across the globe.
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Naheed is a Success Strategist who helps people understand and clear exactly what is standing in their own way…our emotions and beliefs are powerful motivators that propel or hold back our success.

During times of fear we shut ourselves off to greater possibilities. I’d like to share how to ope…

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Jeff is founder of the Jeff Miller Coaching Alliance, and has owned his coaching businesses since 2003

The power of creating and maintaining a powerful winner’s mindset and how to apply that to the businesses we run, teams we manage, and leaders we are/need to be in our communities

We have …

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WARNING!!!  This episode contains mature content that is unsuitable for children and most adults. 

Let's talk with a female sexual health coach about erections.

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May 26, 2020

Mastering The Negative

Steps to overcome the negative in your life.
1. Disgust - Getting to the point of disgust.
2. Decide - Making the decision.
3. Desire - Creating the desire to want it.
4. Resolve - Finding the resolve to do it.
Negativity will create disgust.
Disgust leads you to a decision.
Decision activates …

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May 26, 2020

Get Better Not Bitter

What are some warning signs you may be getting bitter?

Listen in on your speech.  Are you telling the same negative story? 

Are you becoming a victim?

Look for someone who will be radically honest with you.  
Give someone permission to help you.

Keep moving forward with your community.


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Why not you... who creates, leads, serve others and prospers in this time of crisis???

You have a lot to offer, don't underestimate your skills.  Change your Own World then you can give and help others.

Connect with Greg here for the exclusive offer to our listeners


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According to research, what do people need from their leaders in times of crisis?CompassionStabilityTrustHope Tim has created a 4 step process on how leaders can implement this into their lives... Listen in to get the goods and remember."If you focus on...

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May 26, 2020

Tame your Toxic Talk

Here are some tactical ways you can avoid huge fights through the way you communicate to your partner.

Mark Santiago is the founder of the Empowered Man. He is an advocate for men around the world who are living in toxic relationships. He founded the Empowered Man with the purpose of bringing to l…

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Are you programmed to fail?

Sometimes it seems like there are 2 types of people in the world, the first type seems to stroll through life with ease and everything seems to work well for them and then the second type seems to always struggle and go through constant challenges.  Perhaps that secon…

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What if your view of God has been wrong this whole time?

What if God views us differently then we have been taught our whole lives?

The way we view God and the way we believe he views us will change everything about the way you view yourself.

If you want to learn more about this message and get …

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When you are having a conversation are you setting yourself up for a talk or a battle?

The words we use and the way we ask questions can send a normal conversation into a heated fight.

Lissa Qualls helps executives and leaders improve their Conversational Intelligence and shares some advice o…

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In a time of crisis and uncertainty, we still must give ourselves permission to dream.

Jason Eisner is a business coach that helps create a very clear dream and plan for visionary leaders.

Listen in on this interview to walk through an exercise of clearly defining your dreams.

Connect with…

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4 things people need from leadership in times of crisis

1. Compassion.

2. Stability

3. Trust

4. Hope and Inspiration for the future.

The question leaders should be asking right now is how do I answer this demand? 
How do I frame my conversations and plans to answe…

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Why are we so afraid to ask for what I really want?

Is it fear of rejection, is it rude to ask for what we want, will I come across pushy, should we just be able to figure it out on our own?

On today’s podcast we talk with Entrepreneur and Sales Coach, Liz Wolfe who helps us learn to ASK POWE…

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