Sept. 4, 2020

Self Limiting Beliefs

Self Limiting Beliefs
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What is the one main key point you need to share with the audience of men today on this show? (we only have 30 minutes): You are born with the seeds of greatness already inside of you. Act like it. Share examples of questions you like to be asked about this topic: What was the inspiration behind writing your book? When you feel stuck, how do you find the desire to press on? How have you dealt with failure? How do you encourage others to see failure? Share Your Bio Here: Eddie was born in Baltimore, MD into a family that has struggled with poverty for generations. Despite his humble beginnings, Eddie rose above his circumstances to become the first student to ever earn a D1 scholarship in the history of Chesapeake High School – BC. That led to him being the first male in his family to graduate from college when he earned his Bachelors in Business from Bryant University. Eddie is a professional speaker with a passion to empower youth and young adults to shed self-limiting beliefs to pursue a life that they’re passionate about living. What links would you like to share with the audience? Ex: Web, email, LinkedIn, etc: Website: LinkedIn: Eddie Thomason Instagram @eddiethomason_ Facebook: @thomasoneddie YouTube: Eddie Thomason Purchase the book through Amazon: FREE Workbook Download to use while reading the book: Sign up for Curse Breaker Podcast: