Dec. 9, 2022

How To Overcome Fear with Josh Wilson

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We just published the draft of The Christian Dude Manifesto - A “Non-Christian” book to help Christian men find their way on Amazon (see link below) and it was terrifying for me.  I was afraid and insecure but I needed to overcome my fear… in this video I share why.

About the book:

What should I do with my life?

What is my purpose?

Who am I?

How do I find fulfillment and joy in my life?

How do I keep it all together?

How do I find my way again?

What does it mean to be a man of God? 

These are questions that I have deeply struggled with as a man and I have developed some tools and frameworks that have helped me walk through darkness and I am compelled to share with other guys.

This book will have many warnings that pop up but as I was just about to hit publish on this 1st rough draft book I felt the need to add in another warning on the front end….

The content expressed here and through our explicit and uncensored podcast show is for mature-ish men who like me have made mistakes and have character flaws but who love God and are trying to figure our lives out.

I am practicing the art of vulnerability, I call it the “open kimono on a cold wet day” approach. As I expose myself (not my private parts sicko) with my thoughts, doubts, fears, insecurities, shames, actions, struggles, etc… I become freer and freer and I share some of the helpful things I have learned along the way.

So with that…

As I am struggling, I ask myself am I alone here? I don't think so. I host a podcast show called, Uncensored Advice for Men, have interviewed hundreds of coaches, therapists, visionaries, special force badasses, pastors, porn stars as well as normal guys like you and me… 

I have found that men are deeply struggling to try to find a mission or a purpose worth living and striving for. We are busy trying to pay the bills, be good husbands, be good dads, be contributing members of society, trying to get in shape, and maybe struggle just to NOT die.

We are on our 3rd midlife crisis, bought the car, boat, house, plane, etc and are still not happy. Maybe, we lost some stuff OR EVEN WORSE, we recently lost friends, loved ones, our self-worth, and confidence, and don't know “WHO AM I?”

This is for Christian men but packs a WARNING. We follow an uncensored format that we use with our podcast so let the reader beware.

Now let’s dig in and try to figure some things out together.


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