Feb. 25, 2022

How To Carry A Porcupine w/ Anthony Meyers

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Anthony Meyers is a Thought Innovator, Life Catalyst, Author, Purpose Strategist and Social Entrepreneur who emboldens individuals to live more effective and purposeful lives. With an extensive background in non-profit management, faith-based and corporate leadership that spans more than 30 years, he is considered an leadership expert on strengthening leadership skills, building dynamic teams and enriching relationships through trust, positivity and authentic communication.  Anthony is the author of 1440, a book that empowers individuals to live a purposeful life every minute. Anthony’s goal with audiences is to stir their hearts, advance their thinking, and inspire them to action.

Anthony is a highly-respected advisor to corporate executives, religious leaders, non-profit organizations, elected officials and educational administrators. Authentic, good humored, and engaging are the qualities most often attributed to this thought leader by his peers, clients, and audiences. He has traveled the world for more than 30 years inspiring audiences as he carries a message that develops, mentors and motivates individuals into recognizing their inherent abilities and utilizing those abilities to produce an empowering, purposeful life. Anthony’s intellectual and easy speaking style mixes light and spontaneous humor with a life-changing message and stories. His uplifting keynote addresses, coaching sessions and programs appeal to those with true leadership, ministry/corporate/team development and personal growth aspirations. He fully invests himself in your meeting, conference or event and people. Every engagement is tailored to the audience, company, and industry at hand.