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Rudy Dajie

I’m Rudy Dajie and I’m a business advisor, board member, straight-talker and proud dad. I came up without a silver spoon or MBA, but with the gut instincts it takes to see through the bullshit and make moves that matter.

I started as a Doctor of Pharmacy and then moved to buying, growing, and selling Apothecare, an institutional pharmacy. My life’s work now is about helping others achieve the same type of success I was able to create. I work directly with business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them to overcome barriers, improve operations, grow revenue and build value.

Aug. 1, 2022

Advocating For Our Gender with Rudy Dajie

Rudy Dajie is a business advisor, board member and proud dad. He came up without a silver spoon or MBA but with the gut instincts…

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