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Matt Jennings

Executive Chairman

As a serial Entreprenuer Matt has seen success through multiple companies he founded including Choice by Kingdom Trust a retirement app that allows you to hold Bitcoin and thousands of other assets in your tax free retirement all in one handy phone application. Choice has over 100,000 clients that hold over $20 billion in assets. Matt has also founded several successful real estate companies as well as a fishing products company with his son. He didn’t grow up wealthy and never went to college, only the school of “hard knots”. Throughout his life and career Matt has seen both highs and lows. Through his experiences in life he has written a coaching program that he loves to share with other men called the JUCE - the secret sauce to true wealth. The programmed is designed to assist men who are serious about living a fulfilled and abundant life in finding their true passion and purpose.

July 29, 2022

Finding the End of Your Rope with Matt Jennings

Matt has founded and built several successful companies, including Choice by Kingdom Trust, which is a retirement app allowing users to hold Bitcoin and thousands of other assets in their tax-free retirement all in one handy ...

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