Sept. 21, 2021

EP#129 Should I Lower My Expectations?

EP#129 Should I Lower My Expectations?
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About PatchFrom the PR Department:Patch Baker spends the majority of his time helping businesses create extraordinary results and growth within their respective markets. Although his focus in on the Veteran Community, he works diligently to connect non-Veteran owned businesses, and individual Patriots, with brands and businesses which support our Nation’s Warfighters.Patch spent nearly 15 years serving our country and is a Service Disabled Veteran of the United States Marine Corps.Patch is a serial entrepreneur, expert marketer, investor, speaker, and has acquired a unique set of skills through multiple acquisitions and business exits. His consulting clients range from Fortune 500 clients to Veteran-owned start-ups.From Me:In 2015, after many years working for and around the US Military and Government Agencies, it was time to enter the “real world” and get a “real job” in the civilian world.Rude awakening, I sucked at it. After being fired from my first two jobs, I realized I was on a collision course with the bottom. I was falling fast with no real place to turn or person to turn to.At the time, I had a friend with talent for creating high-end videos. Super creative and a master of bringing stories to life with his camera. We hatched a plan to start a business. I would sell and he would create.Fast Forward a few months and we found out quickly, people don’t know how to promote video, and therefore those high quality videos don’t see any real value add.Intro Facebook and YouTube. I decided the only way to give these videos the views they deserved, and thus show their real value for our clients, was to get really good at marketing to targeted audiences.I sought out industry leaders and learned everything they would teach me. I bought every course I could get my hands on and paid numerous consultants to help me in areas where I was weak. Next thing you know, we are outperforming people we used to look up to. We became industry leaders in record time and I started getting invites to speak on stages around the country.Today, I want to focus my time on companies that can change the world by impacting others. What does that really mean?Although simple in my mind, it’s hard to write in limited characters here. This is as simple as I can make it… I am not interested in just pushing another product or service. I am interested in changing the world with products and services that truly have a greater good. And that could just mean I invest in a company to grow and flip just to use the money made to fund a charity. The possibilities are endless.patchbaker.comSupport the show (