Sept. 11, 2020

Do You Feel Behind?

Do You Feel Behind?
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What is the one main key point you need to share with the audience of men today on this show? (we only have 30 minutes): “This book is offered for those who choose to believe transformation of the masculine soul is possible and are willing to risk moving toward it. My intention is to build upon the faithful apprenticeship laid out before me and to share a map of the ancient path of becoming the kind of king to whom God greatly delights to entrust the care of his kingdom.” Share Your Bio Here: Morgan Snyder is a strategist, entrepreneur, teacher, writer, and speaker. His passion is to both be shaped by and shape the men and women who are shaping the kingdom of God. In 2010, he established, a fellowship of leaders whose global reach offers guidance for the narrow road of becoming the kind of person to whom God can confidently entrust the care of his kingdom. He serves on the executive leadership team of Wild at Heart and Ransomed Heart Ministries, having served alongside John and Stasi Eldredge for more than two decades. Morgan goes off the grid every chance he gets, whether bow hunting in the Colorado wilderness or choosing the adventurous life with his greatest treasures: his wife, Cherie; his son, Joshua; and his daughter, Abigail. What links would you like to share with the audience? Ex: Web, email, LinkedIn, etc: www.wildatheart.orgSupport the show (