Dec. 4, 2020

Attacked In Secret

Attacked In Secret
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What is the one main key point you need to share with the audience of men today on this show? (we only have 30 minutes) With the unrest and uncertainty in today's time, I want to share with them not only the importance of worship, but the power that worship has. Worship truly is a weapon in our repertoire and can positively impact not only yourself, but those around you. By following the Word, we can come out of 2020 better than we went into it, regardless of the circumstances that may surround us.Share examples of questions you like to be asked about this topic 1. What was your original reason for writing this plan?2. What are some ways that we can get through the current climate?3. What are some ways that you have had to adjust on both a personal as well as professional level?4. What has been your most difficult challenge this year, and how have you overcome it?5. How has worship helped you during this time?Share Your Bio Here David Villa is the founder and CEO of iPD Agency, a marketing, media and training firm that works with companies of all sizes and industries across the Unites States. He has over 20 years of national sales and executive management experience that he brings to his company. Since the company was established in 1995, Villa has been responsible for pioneering, growing and scaling iPD into one of the nation’s leading database management, business development, training, and intelligent marketing companies in the automotive industry and beyond. Not only is he committed to his business, he is dedicated to his faith as a Christ follower, his family, and his employees. He credits his success to those who he’s been privileged enough to call his teammates. David and his wife of 25 years, Diana, started iPD from their bedroom in Tampa, Florida and have three children ranging in age from 18-25. They went from dialing local dealers from their house, to now working with more than 600 companies annually. iPD Agency is now one of the leading direct marketing firms in the U.S. servicing a multitude of industries. Based out of the greater Tampa Bay area, iPD Agency has been in business, and expanding, for 22 years. In addition to being the CEO of iPD Agency, Villa is a published motivational speaker. He specializes his training in the arenas of sales, leadership, and team building. Villa is also a host on “Auto Dealer Live,” a weekly radio show where dealers go to discuss relevant topics in the automotive industry. Villa is also the Amazon best-selling author of “Lead or Be Lunch."What links would you like to share with the audience? Ex: Web, email, LinkedIn, etc the show (