June 6, 2020

Are You A Failure or Did You Just Fail

On today's podcast, Coach Pat Donohue talks about separating FAIL from FAILURE with examples of how we can look at  Life's mis-steps in a healthy way and learn from our mistakes by answering four simple questions.  You can overcome, with his mantra: "All great champions are comeback artists."Coach Pat is a life coach, former educator, D1 athlete, father and author who specializes in coaching men. If you'd like to connect with Coach Pat, feel free to reach out:patrick@donohuelifecoaching.comhttps://www.facebook.com/lifecoachpatricktwitter @lifecoachpatSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/uafm)

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Patrick Donohue


Patrick Donohue is an ICF Certified (MCC) Life and Executive coach who has worked with 900+ clients all over the country (41 states). His coaching expertise includes: career, student, relationships, time/stress management, parenting, mindset and developing positive habits.
Patrick is a Northwestern grad, Division I athlete and a former high school educator. He has presented and coached in over a hundred school districts and businesses on topics including: leadership, mindset, building championship teams and positive habits. Patrick has also authored a parenting book and created an online parenting course.
To all his engagements, Patrick brings a strong sense of preparation, keen insight, and a dry sense of humor. Patrick typically works in hour long sessions on zoom and posts note for every session. To learn more about Patrick, go to www.donohuelifecoaching.com.