Nov. 30, 2021

Are Vaccines Fraud w/ Robert Alan Yoho

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Dr. Yoho is 68 years old and calls himself a healthcare whistleblower. He practiced medicine in the United States and retired two years ago. He was a board-certified emergency physician and cosmetic surgeon. He has recently published two books, Butchered by “Healthcare” and Hormone Secrets.Dr. Yoho, welcome to the show.Here is a free gift of the complete versions of my ebooks: and See for more including amazon links, free audio and ebook download of half of each book, and sample podcasts I have done. AND VAX REFERENCES THAT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE: OVERVIEW. Covid is little to worry about if you have the proper medications and treatment. The physician lecturing at the first link, Peter McCullough, is a famed academic. He reports that 85 percent of fatalities would be prevented by ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, and other treatments used early and in combination. following two videos are more about the dangers of the “vaccine.” TREATMENT resources and legal help: https://doctors4covidethics.orgIvermectin is safe and effective for Covid. It is being slammed by a wall of lies. See this LINK. FOR COVID GEEKS: this LINK is a Swiss website.THE BEST PODCASTS are Peter Breggin’s and Robert Kennedy, Jr’s. His lecture about the erosion of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights is at this LINK. Subscribe to his newsletter at The best books about the whole situation are:1)    Peter Breggin’s Covid 19 and the Global Predators (see this LINK for a summary).2)   RFK, Jr.’s The Real Anthony Fauci WHY 25 PERCENT OF WORLD FATALITIES OCCURRED IN THE USA, SEE HERE.TO GET INVOLVED, a practical path is at this LINK.AUSTRALIA is a nightmare and must be studied to understand what could happen to us. See this LINK and THIS ONE and HERE.PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG. IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE OF MY CAREER. Physicians are mostly sheep, but a few are stepping up. Over 10,000 signed a petition about this in Europe, and we have a few in the USA who are treating covid properly. We have to fight—we are being cannibalized.  --Robert Yoho, October 2021.  "LEGAL” DISCLAIMER: Use any information here at your own risk. It is not medical advice. Make your healthcare decisions with the help of your physician.  SEE ROBERTYOHOAUTHOR.COM to learn about my books, Butchered by “Healthcare” andHormone Secrets, which are available on Amazon. You can also access half of the audio version free and much more. Support the show (