Nov. 3, 2022

A Message Of Hope From Josh - 11/2/22

A brief message of hope and a challenge for Christian men

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What's up guys? November 2, 2022. This got put min my heart tonight. I put the kids bed and I flipped on YouTube while checking some work emails and just kind of winding down for the day. The headlines that I'm seeing are striking fear. I'm not even going to read them because probably get shut down just from reading the headlines that I see on other people's stuff. What it's doing is it's striking fear, anxiety about the future, about the financial, the state of our economy, the state of our freedoms, the state of what's going on in the world as a whole. It's striking live internal conflict within me. I feel like my peace is not there when I'm looking at these things and it's making me more and more afraid. Here's my response to this is I'm going to put my faith, my trust, my hope in Jesus. 


I encourage you guys if you want to have conversations about this or if you want to seek into this or some of you guys might agree, not agree, this is my beliefs. I allow other people to come on this platform and share their uncensored advice. Mine is this is turn to Jesus. Our hope, our future, everything about it is in the blood of Jesus, is in what Jesus has done for us. And that is eternal. What we're experiencing now will not last forever. I just want to say that my hope has to supernaturally come from my faith and trust in my identity and my purpose, which is in Christ. As a Christian, I believe that is my mission and purpose. To share that hope with other men, with other people through this platform. There will be people that come on the show that talk about all sorts of crazy stuff, right? 


This is an uncensored platform that I want to share. This is my belief that I'm sharing with you guys. I believe as Christian men, those of you who might be Christians listening in, this is how we must respond to this. We must bring light. We must bring our belief systems to people in a way that's loving, in a way that is encouraging. We need to link arms together and we need to lift up each other, encourage each other and support each other through whatever this world may come. There's uncertainty about what the future may hold. I'm scared. I'm being honest. Like this stuff makes me nervous. I got three young kids and I want to provide a beautiful future for them. What's going on in the world makes me nervous. My hope has to be in God, not in what's going on in the world, not in YouTube and not min other platforms. 


My hope is in Jesus and that's where my peace comes from. Let me do this for you guys out there who are Christian. My encouragement too is pray, be praying, be encouraging, be ready to link arms and lift up people who are hurting, who are scared. Who Josh House? There's going to be times when people are so afraid that they just want to check out. They want to drown it with some booze or bury it in some smoke or some pills or whatever. Live. I'm telling you, fear causes people to do irrational things and we need to bring a true hope to this world. All right, so with that, let me pray for Christian men out there, for people who might not be Christian. You could unplug this or you can turn it off or you can send me some hate mails or you could send me a message and say, hey, let's talk about this because I want to know more. 


Or let's talk about this because I disagree. Maybe this is the place for it on an uncensored platform. Let me pray for you guys, all your listeners out there. This is my beliefs and I just want to say that I love you and I want to pray for you. Father God, thank you for the men and actually women who listen into this platform. God, I lift up your name and I just praise you. You're not surprised, you're not fearful of what's going on in the world and that you have peace of what's going on because the future. Through your son Jesus, what he's done on Rhett Ross and what he's done for our salvation, I'm thankful for that and that our hope is in you. Our hope is in our identity, in Jesus god, I pray for the men out there. I pray that you bring them peace. 


I pray through the Holy Spirit that you encourage them, that you give them hope. You give them this faith that we are going to respond to what's going on in the world and through the pandemic and through the economic whatever is going on, that we will respond with love, that we will respond by pointing people to you, that we will bring hope, that we will bring opportunity, that we will bring a future through love and through our belief systems. Men, I encourage you. I love you. This is here for you. I don't know what this looks like, but I believe us guys, Christian guys out there, I believe that we need to get together. We need to pray. We need to encourage each other. We need to create content that's not fear p***. We need to create content that inspires people, that points people to our belief systems and our hope. 


We need to bring encouragement and inspiration. That's what I think that we're being called to do. This is a call for you. If that's of internet you send me a message, hit me up. My contact information will be in the show notes. Or if you just want to send me a message and discuss what I'm talking about. Happy to do that. I love you guys and thanks for tuning in. See you.