March 22, 2021

#116 Shit To Remember When X Happens

#116 Shit To Remember When X Happens
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Rocky Mountain Physician Agency was founded by Ethan A. Nkana, a healthcare executive with more than one decade of national experience in hospital and healthcare administration.Ethan began his hospital administration journey as a Human Resources intern after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & Public Relations. Over the following decade, Ethan would grow his skill set to include leadership roles in hospital finance, physician contracting and compensation, hospital operations, and healthcare strategy.This extensive training and expertise is underpinned by Ethan’s legal and business training, earning his Juris Doctor (J.D.) and Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Dayton.While working in physician contracting, Ethan observed that physicians frequently leave money and value on the table during their contract and salary negotiations with hospital executives."I observed a major disparity of access to salary data, contract negotiation expertise, and time when doctors negotiate contracts with health systems, and this disparity disproportionately disadvantages physicians."The awareness of the challenge facing physicians hit Ethan, whose mother is a physician (anesthesiologist), close to home. “I realized that if physicians I see negotiating contracts are at a disadvantage then this is probably the experience my mom has as well.”Physicians and professional athletes spend 20-25 years training to become experts in their respective disciplines. When physicians and athletes “go pro” (i.e. complete residency training) they are met with complex, high value contracts that they have received no education or training in negotiating. Consequently, professional athletes hire a sports agent to advocate for the athlete to get the value they deserve in their contracts.Rocky Mountain Physician Agency is a sports management agency whose clients are physicians instead of professional athletes. RMPA advocates for physicians to get the value they have earned in their salary and contract by using the same industry-leading physician salary data hospitals use. RMPA serves physicians of all specialties, from residency to retirement, whether the physician is currently in a contract or planning for an upcoming contract.When he isn’t negotiating physician contracts or educating residents on tips for success in their first contract, Ethan coaches boys high school basketball in suburban Denver, CO. Ethan expresses himself creatively through photography and regularly holds photography exhibits featuring his work at local establishments around Colorado ( captured the beauty and pain of the struggle of losing a job for the first time by publishing the photo book “Shit to Remember When you Lose Your Job”. The photo book, which is available on the NewLocal website, memorializes the encouragement and advice from Ethan’s friends and colleagues that lifted him through the valley of shame and discouragement he experienced. This book is intended to pass along that encouragement to others in their time of need.Join the free Uncensored Advice For Men Group - the show (