March 19, 2021

#114 Maybe Im Wrong

#114 Maybe Im Wrong
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Kawan was born in Romania and moved to the United States when he was 7 years old. He had a simple, happy childhood. As a young man, Kawan struggled with school and finding direction in his life. When discovered martial arts, a light bulb went off, and for the first time in his young life, he began to develop discipline and focus.As Kawan grew to be an adult, he left martial arts behind and began a phase of drifting where the wind would take him. He eventually abandoned health and wellness and picked up unhealthy habits. After some turning point incidents, he knew there had to be a change.Kawan was very fortunate to have individuals around him that guided and showed an interest in him.A mentor had asked if he had ever considered acting. He responded to that calling and moved to the west coast, where he would embark on a journey of self discovery.There he met a mentor who reawakened Kawan’s love of fitness, which was a positive and pivotal moment. Kawan devoted himself to learning the way of fitness. After a few years of consistency, he made changes to his life, mind and body and inspired others to do the same.A casual passing by of a friend asked him if he'd ever thought of being a personal trainer. A fork in the road was occuring for him - it was time to make a key decision to stay in the west coast or head back and give up the west coast dream.The idea was awakening and his preparation and interests were aligned - after all he had been working out for five years and was well versed in the gym. He met another mentor who taught him the ways of becoming a master trainer. Kawan listened and followed in the footsteps. After ten personal training certifications,multiple awards, and ten thousand hours in the field of coaching and training, Kawan was successful at impacting individuals and helping them expand their mindsets and achieve their personal goals.He then met a man who asked him if he had ever thought of owning a business. Kawan joined his now two business partners and they work on operating the many different parts of the ecosystem called the gym. Kawan still works out consistently and enjoys yoga, meditation, reading and surfing.The path of Kawan’s life was changed by people who shared new ideas, challenged his beliefs and encouraged him to grow and change. He developed The ValueVerse Podcast to amplify these messages and conversations so anyone who is curious, and interested in self development and personal mastery can listen and grow!Join our free facebook group here - the show (