March 1, 2021

#113 From Disability to Superpower

#113 From Disability to Superpower

What I do I've been doing since I was a 7 years old dyslexic kid. At first, I believed the lie that I was stupid and would never be able to achieve anything. But then I discovered that I had the superpower of encouragement. I have used that superpower to create insight and breakthroughs for hundreds of people to take their life and their business to the next level.


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Scott Ballard

Trusted Advisor / Author / Speaker

Scott Ballard's secret weapon is the patient execution of leading people to what every person knows they should be doing. Scott is the answer to the person that has already experienced success and feels like an imposter, they feel lonely, and are honestly afraid because they don't know their own God-given identity. Scott serves and acts as a trusted advisor to leaders, business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs who are living a life outside their true identity and want to live from their true identity. The cost of not living from your God-given identity is a lack of fulfillment, purpose, and peace. The people that have hired Scott to be their trusted advisor have experienced freedom, hope, contentment, purpose, and quantum leaps in their business and in their life and have been able to take that to the next level by living out their God-given ability.